My poetry in Haiku form 2010

My poetry in Haiku form 2010

a truly wild rose
doesn’t bloom in the park, but by
the side of the road

escape to romance
a place where wild flowers bloom
the wind never cold

looking out of my window
a new dream emerge

dead wood on the beach
the horizon disappeared
when we lost our dream

dizzy in my head
i look up to the sky and
see trafalgar square

having a big time
as i’m traveling around
i hop on cloud nine

remember the words
strawberry fields forever
time passed by quickly

flowers everywhere
as the summer comes along
our world in colors

fireworks in the sky
another year has begun
may there be new light

sometimes it seems dark
but if you look more closely
you can see the light

when leaves are falling
there is still so much beauty
to be discovered

waste of energy
we all must turn the tide now
as days get shorter

a thousand crane birds
they were not enough to save
their precious lives

when we’re down and out
we see many shades of blue
as nights get longer

display of delight
what you see is what you eat
as colors darken

after long journeys
we see the autumn colors
so close to our home

the beauty of now
let’s treasure every moment
before it is gone

to be forgotten
the shadow of the spider
on a dying leaf

nature has no mercy
basic needs are denied as
the sun punishes

old branches cut off
the road toward inner peace
paved with sacrifice

before the sun sets
a man has to travel far
to find his shadow

being together
can be more lonely than when
you are on your own

new season begins
the old system has stranded
and turned into clay

darkness disappears
the light does not erase the past
it shows a new path

the force of the wind
she will turn around the vanes
whenever she wants

nseparably entwined
like the strings on the guitar
to play her music

sweet and succulent
to be tasted after dark
when the moon dictates

when she calls on you
fruits and wine shall be tasted
in her deli shop

time passes by, but
the pain does not fade away
this wound never heals

things we cannot see
because they’re behind closed doors
we did not open

exotic red rose
beauty against the grey sky
stronger through the years

fresh frosty morning
when the sun begins to shine
white turns to colors

flowers everywhere
finally the spring is here
our world in colors

spring cherry blossom
the everlasting beauty
color of our soul

colorful waves
flowers cover the gray earth
spring is in the air

as we get older
there is no more time to waste
the music goes on

a body like steel
bit rusted but still in shape
as the sun shines low

light dispels darkness
as the full moon rules our minds
the dream continues

a romantic boat trip
slow movement in the evening
prelude to the storm

i dreamt many dreams
looking through that shop window
when i was a boy

reflecting colors
on the thin ice remind us
peace is fragile

sometimes we wonder
where we are on this planet
until we find love

powerful women
in a cold, black and white world
they still see colors

do not close the doors
when you feel sad and lonely
open up your heart

life path is unclear
can’t find the way on our own
we need each other

flowers bloom again
on wounded earth, however
black shadows remain

winter in the air
as we walk down the old streets
she is coming near

there’s so much behind
simple words of remembrance
written in a stone

when trees lose their leaves
we see a new horizon
as we travel south

genuine craftsmanship
vanished many years ago
tokens of the past

images and words
more stronger and powerful
when least expected

when leaves are falling
we enjoy our beauty more
as we grow older

it’s a perfect day
to surrender to our dream
and make it happen

mirror of my mind
through the third eye i can see
the path i must walk

far away yet so close
when the right window pops up
our journey begins

the bells often ring
to keep crazy minds awake
when the days are long

ripened to perfection
in the midsummer sunshine
ready to delight

three lights are switched on
to reveal our possessions
we’re not aware of

well-rounded beauty
she cannot hide her dark side
as light shines on her

petals in full bloom
radiating her beauty
ready to be loved

beauty of nature
white flowers on the water
for us to enjoy

© Jan Marius All Rights Reserved 2011

6 responses

  1. Formidable!

    January 16, 2011 at 11:57 am

  2. annekebahq

    Many beautiful connections and images through words>^..^<

    February 8, 2011 at 3:03 pm

  3. rosie

    Wonderful words…. each one feeding the imagination !

    October 17, 2011 at 4:10 pm

  4. delicious, poems with a link to nature in haiku form… love it!!!

    October 24, 2011 at 9:48 am

  5. wow very deep, gets the brain working …something to think about …Nature daily realities..
    each verse makes my imagination working, as though curtain has been lifted…
    love it..
    continue writing..
    much respect & warm wishes

    November 8, 2011 at 11:48 am

  6. els van doorn

    Orgineel vond ik je altijd al. Wijsheid, poezie en je fotografie zeer verrassend. Mooi

    December 18, 2013 at 9:33 am

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