Blues in The Netherlands – Dare To Stand Out

This afternoon I visited the CD Release Party “Dare To Stand Out”
by Mariëlla Tirotto and The Blues Federation.
They gave a dazzling performance in “Podium de Kelder” in Amersfoort in The Netherlands.
I will play the title track “Dare To Stand Out” in my radio show “Purple Haze” next Tuesday.
For information how to listen to this show on the internet please visit:
and click on the speaker icon.
More information about my show at:

Please enjoy the photos I took today!

Mariëlla Tirotto

Harald Kroll

And thanks to the other great band members: Heins Greten, Michel de Kok, Onny Tuhumena and John Kakiay

See also:
(Mariëlla Tirotto and The Blues Federation in Waarland 2010) (Video “Down the Road” taken by me  from their concert in Waarland 2010)


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