The miraculous rediscovery of De Cylinders

 Tonight my friend René Demets, guitarist of De Cylinders, visited me to have a look at the videos I made from their performance in Amsterdam last Sunday.
De Cylinders started in 1977 and continued to play till 1983. During that six-year period, De Cylinders performed frequently in the Netherlands and sometimes in the adjacent country Belgium. The band built itself a reputation for delivering a good live show. As a result, when world-famous bands like The Pretenders, UB40, Split Enz and Ultravox visited the Netherlands, De Cylinders were selected as support act.
In 1980 De Cylinders signed a contract for three singles which were distributed in the Netherlands only. In spite of the fact that De Cylinders wrote and recorded many more songs, no other material was ever issued. The eleven songs that complement their first CD, released in Japan last year, were selected from unreleased studio recordings.
When De Cylinders stopped in 1983, the members of the band went their separate ways. Enthused by new interest for their music in New York and in Japan, De Cylinders convened in 2009 – after a hiatus of  more than years – to deliver new live shows in Amsterdam and New York.
More videos of their show in Amsterdam taken by me on my youtube channel:
My approach to making music videos  is not to focus on perfect quality, but to capture the live experience. Holding the camera or snartphone as still as possible and not to use the zoom option.

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